‘Make the World Better’ game concept

I’d like to see a game in which people who have lost things — keys, wallet, pet dog — have them returned. The game could come with incentives for people who find and return lost things to their rightful owners. The game would rely on people who have lost things submitting a “lost item” report to the game designers, as well as people actually looking for the items.

The game itself would exist online, with “lost item” reports and “found item” reports being documented there. I would require the person who declared an item missing also to be the person who declares an item found and returned. I would need some sort of verification process to ensure there’s no collusion among players, who could intentionally misplace items for their friends to find and then cash in. The “lost item” reports could include detailed descriptions of the items and where they might have been lost, which would allow item-seekers to narrow their search. Another problem is ensuring item-seekers don’t just visit the website, learn of lost items, and then go find the items to keep themselves.

The game would never end, or would never start. Its arc is completely reliant on people misplacing things. In a perfect world, there would never be any lost items, and the game wouldn’t exist. Players would be expected to submit “lost item” reports, and  those players who look for items would be expected to return them if found. There could be a forum online in which players discuss their experiences concerning the game. Maybe the game could run on a point system. I could have an online store in which players could spend their points on items they hopefully won’t turn around and lose. But if they do lose them, there’s a game that helps with that.


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