Top 5 worst things that would happen if I gave up tech for a week and why

5. I might fall behind on news

I rely largely on technology to keep me informed of current events and news. Cutting ties with technology for a week would almost certainly put me more out of the loop than I perhaps already am. That said, I am a big newspaper person, and I’d be able to compensate in that way. Talking to people might also help. In school, before technology had swelled to the extent it has now, I used to learn a lot by talking to people.

4. I might get bored

In an earlier post I mentioned technology seems to make time pass more quickly. When I have a couple hours between classes, I find a quiet spot, pull out my computer, and before I know it, it’s time for class again. Without the constant distractive glow of my computer or phone, I think I’d get bored in certain contexts. Technology helps me bridge the gap from an undesirable situation to one that is desirable.

3. I might miss out

I mentioned this in an earlier post, as well. I fear that, by spending a lot of time on technology, I’m missing out on life. But today, so much of life unfolds online and through technology that, by dropping technology for a week, I might miss out on even more. I think a balance is necessary here, which I feel is at the heart of this assignment.

2. My grades might slip

In some ways, college seems a highly hypocritical contradiction. I’ve had professors who proscribe the use of technology in class, but those same professors tend to rely strongly if not singularly on technology outside of class. Students are expected to check their email and the class Moodle site daily if not more frequently, exams are administered online and grading is, too. Not being able to enter this realm, while perhaps liberating, would most likely cripple my ability to succeed as a student.

1. My relationships might suffer

It wouldn’t be long — I’d guess 12-18 hours — before my friends, family, professors or colleagues became perturbed I hand’t responded to a phone call, email or text. What I fear most about dropping technology for a week are the social consequences. What if a friend needs my help? What if a professor needs to pass along an important piece of information. What if my mom leaves a voicemail?


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