Top 5 ways tech makes me feel worse and why

5. There are more things to learn

For all the information to which technology gives us access, it also expects us to take time to learn technology itself and its different uses. The programs, social media platforms and software in which students today are expected to be fluent and skilled is absurd.

4. I’m too easy to reach

I wish I could go home from work or school and be done with it. The only means by which people used to be reachable at home was the phone, and now email and text can be added to the list. Before, it wasn’t even a list. It was just the phone, and you always could claim you missed the call. It’s harder to claim you missed the call, the email and the text. Not to mention the Facebook message.

3. Seeing things that anger me

There’s this weird thing I do where I enter the comment sections on Tea Party Facebook pages just to read the squalid rantings of the people who subscribe to the pages. I like to do it, but it always makes me feel worse.

2. I can look back at life

Sometimes I’ll be on the computer and wonder, “Whatever happened to that actor from 2001?” or, “Is that animated movie from my youth on YouTube?” Technology lets me find out the actor is addicted to cocaine now, and the movie I remembered is poorly animated and has unrealistic dialogue.

1. Fear of missing out

Whenever I look at the clock on my computer and think, “It’s been four hours?” it pains me. Life — in all its natural, unpredictable and inspiring splendor — seems to move much more slowly than technology, and there seems to be much more to enjoy.


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