Top 5 things that would happen if I gave up technology for a week and why

5. I might make a new friend

Who knows? Maybe I’d make a new friend, or even friends. I don’t feel I use technology to avoid interacting with other humans, but I do feel I too often choose technology over no technology — a decision that tends to block those interactions. Of course, making a new friend also would depend on the other person not using technology, which is a big ask.

4. I might worry less

I’m not a particularly nervous or anxious person, but technology tries to make me that way. I can feel it. I don’t blame media for reporting heavily on grave subjects — I think that’s better than the alternative — but watching the news and scrolling through my newsfeed sometimes sucks all life and hope from my being. It would be nice if that didn’t happen.

3. I might live in the moment

I’ve observed a strange thing in the last few years. Sometimes I need to remind myself which month it is. I don’t have to think long to remember, but sometimes I forget the month, my age and my year in school. That’s odd, I think. I don’t recall that happening to me when I was younger and more loosely connected to technology. I think technology makes me live less in the moment and more in the past, future or some alternate reality.

2. I might notice things

When I leave my computer at home and my phone dies, I think, “Well, that’s it. I’m on my own.” But a strange thing happens when I’m not plugged into a device. I notice things like the sound birds make and how at least 60 percent of students between classes walk through the halls with their eyes set on their phone. “If I had remembered to charge my phone last night, I’d be one of them,” I think to myself. No technology helps me enjoy the more fundamental aspects of life.

1. I might read more

I love to read; I have a very long reading list and a small library of books — classic to contemporary — I’ve never read hidden away in my bedroom closet. With homework, my job and other life responsibilities demanding much of my time, I often lament the fact I don’t read as often as I’d like. But when I think about it, I spend a few hours every night online, reading stories, watching YouTube videos and altogether ricocheting around the Internet. If I used at least one of those hours each night to read a book, I could burn through a lot of books. Perhaps I’ll do that.


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