#1WkNoTech story outline


6 a.m. I wake up, apprehensive but excited to begin my week without technology.

9 a.m. It feels good to get away, but I find myself still reaching for my phone and laptop.


8 a.m. My professor canceled class, but I show up anyway, because I didn’t get his message on Moodle.

4 p.m. My mom sends a text asking why I didn’t respond to yesterday’s texts.


11 a.m. It’s exam day in one of my classes. The problem: The exam is administered online. Looks as if I’ll be taking a zero.

12 p.m. I visit the professor whose exam I was forced to skip, and she doesn’t buy my excuse. I’ll have to work hard this next month to raise my grade.


9 a.m. My sister asks why I’m not answering Mom’s texts. If I use my sister as an envoy, and she uses technology to tell my mom what I’m up to, am I violating the rules of the game?

4 p.m. I finish that book that’s been sitting for months on my nightstand. On to the next.


3 p.m. I’m done with class for the week, and I’m relieved my avoidance of technology might be a little easier to cope with during the weekend.

5 p.m. I want to order a pizza, but I can’t call or order online. Well, I’m not going to drive there. Toast and saltines it is.


9 a.m. I’m feeling more relaxed; I’m carrying less weight on my shoulders. No technology really has freed up my mind and body.

12 p.m. I hear my phone ringing. It’s my mom. Uh-oh.


10 a.m. I really need to start on some homework, but that would require me to use my computer. Looks as if I’ll be cramming everything into Monday morning.

7 p.m. I finish my second book of the week. On to the next. War and Peace perhaps?


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