Top 5 worst public tech behaviors and why

5. Listening to music through headphones

We’ve all done it. In fact, I did it yesterday. It works as a wall that discourages communication and shared experience.

4. Hard-to-notice phone earpieces

When you’re at the grocery store, and a seemingly pleasant stranger strikes up a conversation with you. Except 10 seconds later, the stranger mentions he’s at the store (which you already know) and he’s going to bring home pizza for dinner (which seems like an odd thing to say to a stranger). And you realize your mistake.

3. Technology as an escape

When people whip out their phones to extricate themselves from an awkward or even dull situation: going through a store checkout, waiting for the bus, riding the bus. Pretty much anything associated with public transportation.

2. In-the-moment social media posts

Your friend orders a spinach and feta wrap, and it looks really good. And your friend snaps a photo of it and posts the photo to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, because this amalgamation of bread, vegetable and cheese needs to be cataloged properly.

1. “I’m gonna need to take this”

It’s been done unto us, and we’ve probably done it unto others. Putting on hold a face-to-face interaction in favor of a phone call — or worse, a text. Unless you’re waiting to hear the results of your job interview or major medical test, this isn’t OK.


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