Top 5 ways tech makes me feel better and why

5. Keeping aware of friends and their lives

I’ve gotten quite stingy when it comes to accepting friends on Facebook; my newsfeed is basically a simulation of my high school days and my family reunions, because who wouldn’t want to relive those two things, together, daily? Some of my high school friends have already gotten fat, which makes me feel better.

4. Communities and shared experience

Technology allows like-minded people across the world to convene. The Internet reminds us, no matter the quirks we all possess, there are people who enjoy, despise and think about the same things we do.

3. It makes life, work easier

Information, ideas and documents can be shared with the click of a mouse (or trackpad). I can communicate with others and complete tasks from my home, which is one of my favorite places.

2. Music

Music makes me feel better, and I wouldn’t have music (at least not as much of it and almost all the time) if not for technology. A world without music is life without color.

1. It’s like a library in my hand

I can know anything, anytime, anywhere. That’s pretty cool, and it comes in handy.


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