A response: ‘Sennheiser teams with Google for ‘Ingress’ headphones’

I’m writing about this story: http://www.slashgear.com/sennheiser-teams-with-google-for-ingress-headphones-09350084/. I don’t know precisely what they’ll be used for, but a company created “Ingress” headphones that players can purchase. Can players communicate with one another using these headphones? If the game is played using a cell phone, how can players across the world communicate with one another about their “Ingress” exploits and travails? Can they make calls or send texts during the game? I don’t know; these are questions I have.

I think anything that can connect players and foster human interaction in a video game is a good thing. I imagine playing most video games can be quite isolating and depressing. If “Ingress” allows players to communicate with one another, it could encourage people to explore their communities further. That’s a good thing, too.

I read a couple of the comments to this story, and I found one particularly interesting. FistofFun wrote: “don’t EVER play ingress , i wasted at least 2 years playing it and it was all encompassing , never again , plus a lot of the players are complete weirdos and very special and when you friend has a 4 car pile up caused by watching his game on his flipping phone rather than concentrating on the road kind of brings it into perspective.” This points to “Ingress” as being dangerous if players aren’t careful and vigilant when exploring their neighborhoods. It sounds addictive, as well. If they’re not going to exercise caution, perhaps some people who enjoy video games would be better off cooped up inside, positioned in front of the TV.


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