A response: ‘Ingress Diaries: In the cemetery, at midnight, with the flashlight’

I’m writing about this story: http://www.themarysue.com/ingress-diaries-in-the-cemetery-at-midnight-with-the-flashlight/. The writer used plenty of real-life examples of how “Ingress” unfolds, which gave me a much better understanding of the game. I still feel, though, as if I still don’t completely understand the point. Do Green Team and Blue Team simply go back and forth forever, claiming a spot, losing the spot, claiming it back again? Is it ever over?

What stuck out to me about this piece is the writer’s description of the relationships “Ingress” has helped her to forge. When her cat died, her “Ingress” friends bought her a poster and signed it. That’s kind of sweet. Maybe a game like this brings closer together people who might never have talked with one another otherwise. The writer said she plays with her family, too, which is nice.

At the end of the piece, she rattled off a number of benefits she has enjoyed from playing “Ingress.” She said she gets more exercise and is more aware of cool landmarks in her community — two things I wrote about in one of my earlier posts. She also said the game has a way of consuming you, of interfering with your everyday life. Taking the long way to destinations — with the sole purpose of the circuitous route being to play “Ingress” — is probably just the beginning of this all-consumption. She also said she plays late at night. Could this type of commitment to a game have negative consequences for other aspects of the player’s life? Probably.


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