A response: ‘Google’s ‘Ingress’ will soon let players build scavenger hunt missions across the globe’

I gave this story a close read and still don’t completely understand the premise of the game and its new feature. I don’t really play video games and have never heard of “Ingress.” If seven million people have downloaded the game, though, it must be pretty popular. I don’t think a feature that relies so heavily on players to generate “content” would work for a less popular game.

While I can’t exactly picture how players will execute this new feature, I think it’s nice the designers are encouraging players to explore the real world. Too many games disconnect players from reality and the world around them. It’s nice if this game is attempting to remake those connections. I imagine it would be good exercise, as well.

It’s interesting to learn sometimes how many historical sites, notable landmarks and intriguing spots are situated so close to our homes without us knowing. This feature seems to encourage people to make those discoveries. I do worry, though, about people walking around town with their eyes glued to the game on their phone. That’s dangerous.


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