Personal narrative: character voice sketches

I plan to write strictly from Cat’s perspective, but for the purpose of this assignment:

CAT voice sketch

To Mr. Langston: “Drawings? Those things in your first-grade portfolio are drawings. These are works of art.”

“Not while I’m immersing myself, Bartholomew.”

“Eat that thing? Please. I’m so far above such basic impulses.”

“God’s sake. It’s not a portrait, Bartholomew. It’s a landscape.”

“No, Bartholomew. Not now, not ever.”

“How about that song where you make no noise and I pretend you don’t exist?”

“Don’t pet me. Would you go up to a stranger and start petting them? No petting.”

BARTHOLOMEW voice sketch

“That’s a pretty portrait, Cat.”

“Hi, Cat. Good morning, Cat.”

“Goodbye, Mr. Langston. Have a nice day, Mr. Langston.”

“Hi, Mr. Langston. Did you have a nice day, Mr. Langston?”

“It’s alright, Cat. You only nibbled off a couple feathers, Cat. Don’t worry about me, Cat.”

“Hey, Cat. Want to play a game, Cat?”

“Any song requests, Cat? I’ll sing anything, Cat.”

MR. LANGSTON voice sketch

“Come to think of it, this condo really isn’t for you. Not nearly enough counter space.”

“What’s going on, Cat? Looking at your drawings?”

“If I let Bartholomew fly around a bit, can I trust you not to eat him?”

To Cat: “You’re so cute typing with those little paws.”

“Whatchya writing, Cat? Want me to look it over?”

“Good day at work. Didn’t make any sales, but I met some nice folks.”

“I love when you sing to us, Bartholomew.”


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