Personal narrative: character descriptions

CAT is a cat with a taste for the finer things. She has no tolerance for nonsense, and she hates being interrupted during her “periods of immersion,” during which she attempts to lose herself in an artistic work. She often writes about paintings that speak to her especially loudly, which is the premise of this project. Cat doesn’t know quite as much about art as her supercilious nature lets on, and she often abandons her artistic analysis to vent about the “great tragedies” of her life. She belongs to Mr. Langston, though Cat rejects the idea that she is “owned.”

BARTHOLOMEW is a pet canary that lives in a cage in Mr. Langston’s living room. Simple-minded and curious by nature, Bartholomew often gets on Cat’s nerves by asking questions and singing songs. Exceedingly sweet, Bartholomew aims to please Cat and especially Mr. Langston, but his childish “naiveté” is something for which Cat shows no patience. Bartholomew has a massive capacity to forgive, as evidenced by his willingness to sweep under the rug the many times Cat has attempted to eat him during Mr. Langston’s absence. Cat struggles with her urges to eat Bartholomew, thinking she is too sophisticated for such primal behavior.

MR. LANGSTON sells real estate, though he’s too good-natured and forthcoming to be effective in his work. Dim-witted but a surprisingly responsible pet owner, Mr. Langston shows nothing but love for all animals. He welcomed Cat into his home as a stray, a gesture toward which Cat shows no gratitude. Though he and Bartholomew get along famously, Mr. Langston also shows unbridled affection for Cat, often ignoring her perpetual standoffishness and dismissing her behavior as mere “crankiness.” Like Bartholomew, Mr. Langston has a penchant for irking Cat, especially when he refers to her “periods of immersion” as “playtime.”


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