A response: Lonelygirl15

I had a hard time not watching more (than four) of these. Lonelygirl15 is an interesting concept, and having first read about the series on Wikipedia caused me to watch the episodes with a different, more critical eye. One thing I found fascinating on Wikipedia is that viewers of the series formed a sort of coalition aimed at outing the show as fictional. They worked together to dissect details from each scene, which leads me to believe that I’ve underestimated society and its ability to organize and operate under a common goal.

The episodes actually were fun to watch. Bree was charming, and the puppet dancing to “Promiscuous” was amusing. There was a time when that song dominated junior-high computer labs. I tend to think I would have been skeptical of this show as a piece of nonfiction, but I say this having known from the beginning that it was fictional. Bree’s way of speaking (and what she says) — especially her monkey metaphor about learning to see things from a different perspective — seems a little too perfect to be the off-the-cuff rantings of a 16-year-old.


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