Current events in transmedia: speculative fiction story outline


7 a.m. DR. KIM enters his walk-in closet, where he picks out a lavender necktie purchased by his wife over the weekend.

10 a.m. CHAIRMAN OATCAKE is delighted to read the pro-ministry drivel being spouted by the LAGOS ORACLE.

1 p.m. CHESTER calls the LAGOS PLAIN DEALER from a city pay phone. He leaves a message.


9 a.m. DR. KIM arrives at work to find CHESTER waiting in his office. CHESTER tries to appeal to DR. KIM’s softer side, telling him a story about a sick child in a nearby village.

12 p.m. CHAIRMAN OATCAKE, while devouring his lunch, calls DR. KIM into his office. “You’re doing a great job, KIM,” says OATCAKE, smacking on a mouthful of egg salad.

3 p.m. LAGOS PLAIN DEALER reporter checks his voicemail, hears a news tip that CHAIRMAN OATCAKE is attempting to brainwash DR. KIM.


8:30 a.m. DR. KIM, on his drive to work, is rerouted because of road construction. He is sent through a poor village, where he sees a young girl coughing in the street.

10 a.m. DR. KIM wonders where CHESTER could be. Never before has he been late to work.

4:58 p.m. CHAIRMAN OATCAKE, sweating profusely, walks by DR. KIM’S office. “Where have you been?” KIM asks. “And have you seen CHESTER?”


9 a.m. CHAIRMAN OATCAKE tells DR. KIM that CHESTER is taking a brief vacation — “somewhere tropical,” OATCAKE says.

1 p.m. CHAIRMAN OATCAKE returns to the gloomy dungeon under the ministry, where he continues to interrogate CHESTER about what he knows about OATCAKE’S operation.

5:15 p.m. DR. KIM, frustrated with the still-under-construction roadway, drives through the village where he saw the young girl coughing.


2:11 a.m. DR. KIM awakens with a jolt. The girl in his nightmare was the one from the village.

9 a.m. DR. KIM arrives to work, where he finds CHAIRMAN OATCAKE with a cast on his right arm. “What happened to you?” KIM asks. “Slipped and fell,” OATCAKE responds.

5 p.m. LAGOS PLAIN DEALER reporter decides to stay late — he must finish his story in time for Sunday’s paper.


10:30 a.m. DR. KIM goes to the mall with his wife, who, every time she disappears, seems to return with an armful of neckties.

12 p.m. DR. KIM and his wife have lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken, where the couple shares a boneless bucket.

9 p.m. LAGOS PLAIN DEALER reporter turns in his story. “Nice work,” his editor says.


10 a.m. LAGOS PLAIN DEALER story outs CHAIRMAN OATCAKE and his oppressive friends.

1 p.m. DR. KIM informs the ministry that he has resigned. On Monday, he plans to visit the village where he saw the young girl coughing. “Hopefully it’s not just a cold,” KIM thinks to himself. “I want my first case back to be a good one.”

3 p.m. DR. KIM, for some reason at a rainy train station, runs into CHESTER. “How was the vacation?” KIM asks his assistant. “Vacation? I was kidnapped by OATCAKE all week!” “Oh,” KIM responds. “That would explain your black eye.”


5 thoughts on “Current events in transmedia: speculative fiction story outline”

  1. Cool story! I liked how you went in-depth with the characters and that they all had their unique motivations. I also really liked that there was comedy throughout. My favorite line was at the end: “Dr. Kim, for some reason at a rainy train station…” haha I thought that was great. There is a great opportunity to write more regarding the little girl in the village if we had continued doing this project. Good stuff.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your story. I especially liked the fact that you used a sense of humor throughout the story with Chairman Oatcake. It was really interesting to see where you went with each of the characters. I think that this could develop into a great story if you were to keep working on it!! Nicely done!


  3. I thought that the end of the story talking about the the little girl possibly having more than a cold was kind of ironically funny. The story could have had a little bit more of character development, but it’s works for how short the story was suppsoed to be. It was easy to figure out what you were talking about based on the talk about a sickness in a village. It was a interesting and entertaining story.


  4. Well done, man–I liked the opening sentence a lot. It grabbed my attention with the extra details that delve into the past of the characters. You were able to get a lot in with not a lot of time in the story, so kudos there! I really liked the storyline. I think that you could really make it great if you were working with a longer timeline, getting into more details as Dr. Kim goes through the poor neighborhoods, Chester and Oatcake in the basement, etc. Great job!


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