Current events in transmedia: speculative fiction character descriptions

DR. KIM is a renowned figure in Nigeria’s medical community, noted for his alternative treatment methods and devil-may-care attitude. That was until he took a cushy job with the ministry of health, where he now spends his days glancing at spread sheets instead of caring for patients. Having grown superficial from years of being praised for his prowess as a doctor, somewhere inside Dr. Kim still exists the wide-eyed medical student who just wanted to help people. Once known for his wrinkled scrubs, he now picks from an assortment of neckties each morning.

CHESTER was Dr. Kim’s loyal field assistant, but now he, too, works at the ministry of health, fetching coffee and creating spreadsheets for the doctor he once admired. Loyal and good-natured, Chester constantly tries to convince Dr. Kim to return to the field — requests that the former shrugs off or simply ignores. Dimly lit but a strong judge of character, Chester makes it his mission to save Dr. Kim from the corporate brainwashing that already seems to be setting in.

CHAIRMAN OATCAKE is a lifelong bureaucrat and the force that lured Dr. Kim to trade in his stethoscope for a briefcase. After being pressured by higher-ups to improve the ministry’s brand awareness, Chairman Oatcake successfully attempted to recruit the publicly revered Dr. Kim, who is unaware of his boss’ true motives. Grossly obese and given to animalistic tendencies, Chairman Oatcake will do anything to further ascend the political ladder.

LAGOS ORACLE is a major daily newspaper and the salient source of information across all of Nigeria. Known for its fairness and well-measured articles, the ministry identifies the Oracle as a potential political football. To the dismay of the Oracle’s staff, Chairman Oatcake recently ousted the sitting editor and replaced her with an insider from the ministry.

LAGOS PLAIN DEALER is a left-leaning rag that targets the ministry with a series of investigative articles that attempt to expose Oatcake and his directors as corrupt political actors. With the Oracle now in the palm of the ministry, the Plain Dealer becomes the region’s most trusted news source.


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